Jeremy Denk & Brooklyn Rider in NY Magazine's Top 10 Classical Events of 2008

Jeremy Denk, Brooklyn Rider
New York Magazine

2. Jeremy Denk at Zankel Hall
The pianist ferociously dispatched two monsters in one night: Charles Ives’s Concord Sonata and Beethoven’s “Hammerklavier.” He didn’t gloss over Ives’s crashing non sequiturs or Beethoven’s mad-scientist version of a fugue; he gloried in them. A hyperarticulate musician who writes the blog Think Denk, he played with cinematic clarity, as if both pieces had been just waiting for his touch to render them simple.

6. Brooklyn Rider at the Brooklyn Lyceum

The borough’s chief string quartet teamed up with the Iranian fiddler Kayhan Kalhor for one of those cross-cultural evenings that might have made no sense at all but instead displayed a loose, magical logic. One of the quartet’s inaugural pair of CDs—titled Passport—captures some but not all of that night’s meandering beauties.