RPO performs 'Mahler 7'

Ward Stare
Rochester City Newspaper

RPO Music Director Ward Stare is bringing Mahler’s Seventh Symphony back this week. And…Stare and the orchestra are doing a bang-up job with this huge, difficult work.


Like God, Mahler is in the details and in the big picture, and Ward Stare proved to be a highly intelligent guide to the Seventh Symphony’s sprawling, five-moment structure. His tempos, overall, were well-judged, and the whole thing had a satisfying sense of balance. The first and last movements, which can seem endless, were clearly and cogently laid out.


The fourth movement, a serenade complete with swooning solo violin and mandolin, was a delectable combination of sentimentality and irony. That’s not exactly easy to pull off, but the orchestra’s elegant performance had the audience hanging on every note. The finale is marvelously noisy and unbuttoned music – twenty minutes of it. Stare organized it compellingly, and the RPO delivered it triumphantly.
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