Pintscher, New World deliver whirling colors and rapt beauty in outstanding contemporary program

Matthias Pintscher
South Florida Classical Review

Matthias Pintscher has become a regular presence at the New World Symphony’s Sounds of the Times series. And, judging by the rousing welcome Pintscher received Saturday night at New World Center, the German composer-conductor has become a favorite of the mostly youthful audience these adventurous programs draw.
Amid the bracing menu of modern works, the evening’s best score was Pintscher’s own mar’eh, a violin concerto in everything but name. […] This is a major score that deserves wide exposure. [… ] Pintscher was an outstanding collaborator, blending the instrumental textures and solo lines with supple and consummate skill…Capuçon and Pintscher were cheered by the audience for their dedicated performance.

The concert opened with György Ligeti’s San Francisco Polyphony. […] Pintscher kept the overlapping textures transparent and astutely commanded the constant changes of tempo. […]. Indeed the New World musicians gave performances of dazzling corporate power and propulsion to all the scores on this challenging program