What does 'crazed virtuosity' sound like? Jennifer Koh delivers her answer with L.A. Chamber Orchestra

Jennifer Koh
The Los Angeles Times

By Rick Schultz

Before she began Gyorgy Ligeti’s Violin Concerto at the Soraya in Northridge on Friday night, soloist Jennifer Koh pounded the music stand with her fist. The stand wasn’t positioned correctly, and Koh got physical.

But Koh got even more physical during her stunning rendition of Ligeti’s 1992 masterpiece with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, led by guest conductor David Danzmayr.

By the time she tore her way through Ligeti’s densely textured and polyrhythmic five-movement work, which features an extravagantly complex cadenza in the finale, Koh’s violin bow seemed to have little horsehair left. Throughout, she displayed commanding strength and stamina, meeting Ligeti’s indication in the score to play with “crazed virtuosity.”

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