A mother and son making beautiful music together

Jonathan Biss & Miriam Fried , Jonathan Biss, Miriam Fried
The Washington Post

By Patrick Rucker

Two eminent American musicians, violinist Miriam Fried and pianist Jonathan Biss appeared together Sunday afternoon in a concert at International Student House as part of the Phillips Music series. The moment the music began, it was as though the audience had been hit by wall of water. Except this was no ordinary flood. It was musicmaking so powerful, grounded, earnest, and incontestable that it was all but overwhelming. There was no option but to go with the flow.


It is a rare experience to be in the presence of two individuals who, spontaneously and in perfect accord, bend their implacable wills toward a common goal with such beautiful results. Very few chamber music partnerships, even those of long duration, can boast such power. Fried and Biss have it. And not coincidentally, they are mother and son.

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