So beautiful, you want to cry

Sergei Babayan

Translated from French

"BEAUTIFUL, TO DIE FOR:" Jacques Schmitt reports from a Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 4 for the ages, that occurred at the 2018 Variations Musicales de Tannay: "[Sergei Babayan's] performance was the discovery of the year: Immediately with the first chords and their appoggiatura introducing the speed, spirit and color of the concerto, Babayan's piano captured the audience in arresting fashion. Irresistible were his touch, his articulation, the pulse that lead to an incredible level of emotion which filled up the atmosphere. The accents he chose in his reading of the piece were of immediately striking intelligence. There you had an artist, very present in each of his notes. And the man at the piano was himself transformed entirely. He who, just moments ago had entered the stage almost coyly acknowledging the audience, suddenly acquired a solemn beauty and sublime elegance and grandeur. He became the very painter of the music when, with a generous turn of his hand, he underlined the development of an orchestral phrase, And because he inhabits that world beyond words that exists above and beyond the work of Beethoven, and inhabits that mental strength that inspires his own musical concept, he spread that balm on the orchestra and conductor. And became the exemplary presence of an impalpable evidence, transporting with his paradisiac message his fellow musicians, lifting them to a level hitherto unheard of."