Music@Menlo – a whistle-stop in Hungary

Repeat Performances

“But then the Bartók!! The Calidore String Quartet, this season’s Music@Menlo “house band,” again brought a sophisticated audience to their feet with their flawless performance and emotional immediacy in Béla Bartók’s String Quartet No. 5…The Calidore brought a Big Presence and tightly timed performance, the hallmarks of practice and patience and more practice and impatience. Filled with repeated notes and ancient rhythms, here was a language that broke many of the rules of classical. It was not sweetly lilting, like Mozart’s classical, nor thick with emotion like Schumann’s romanticism, but idiosyncratic and energetic and self-aware, angular with sudden dissonances and sharp attacks and wheezing harmonies. This established a bitter ground etched with high violin.”

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