CD Review - Mozart: Piano Concertos 21 and 22

Jonathan Biss
The London Times

What Jonathan Biss writes about Mozart in the recording's booklet is so inspired, so just, that I was biased in his favour before hearing a note.

His performance, as soloist and as the director of the excellent Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, in no way disappoints. These are outstanding interpretations, the interplay of soloist and orchestra that of equals in complete sympathy, the contrasting character of the two concertos and the constant changes of mood within each work felt and communicated with delight and impeccable judgment.

Biss's cadenzas, too, are well judged, as is his ornamentation - not imposed on the music, but springing naturally out of it. Interestingly, he hardly decorates the C major's magical andante at all - which, if not "correct", seems to me absolutely right.

EMI 2172702