Prokofiev for Two. Douze mouvements de Romeo et Juliette pour 2 pianos (transcription S. Babayan). Sergeï Babayan et Martha Argerich

Sergei Babayan
Le Devoir

Translated from French

By Christophe Huss

"Obviously, a music critic should stay away from using the notion 'perfect', BUT ... This is the CD one has waited for. Sergei Babayan, for whom we had used another taboo term before - 'genius' - is the mastermind behind the thing, even if all the aficionados will consider this the latest CD by Martha Argerich, recorded with 'some guy'. The great Babayan has been the much inspired arranger of these 12 movements from Romeo & Juliet and other dances from Hamlet, War and Peace etc. His playing is on a par with that of Argerich. Their pianistic companionship of 25 years shines bright from nos. 3 and 4 on. Look out for these moments of pianistic vertigo (Young Juliet, Morning Serenade) that no one in this world but these two artists could have given us. So sorry, but this is perfection."

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