The Calidore String Quartet offers a tutorial in the art of the string quartet

Calidore String Quartet
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

By Sarah Bryan Miller

The Calidore String Quartet — violinists Jeffrey Myers and Ryan Meehan, violist Jeremy Berry and cellist Estelle Choi — had only been in existence for a couple of years when they started winning some of the field’s most prestigious prizes. Today they’re internationally renowned, performing in prestigious venues all around the world. This weekend, the quartet will give a recital as a part of Washington University’s Great Artists series.

“Calidore” is the title of a poem by John Keats, the story of a courtly young knight. “We found it when we were studying together at the Colburn School Conservatory in Los Angeles,” Berry says. “We liked the name, and we liked the poem, which is about art and nature and beauty and chivalry. And since we were studying in California, we have since turned it into an amalgamation of ‘Cali’ and ‘dore,’ which is French for ‘golden.’ So we’re kind of paying homage to the Golden State where we formed the quartet.”

The four first met as students two years before coming together for a class in 2010. “Since the school only has about 120 people, we knew each other quite well at that point,” Berry says. “We really enjoyed the experience of playing with one another. One thing led to another, and we started entering string quartet competitions and won some of those. We decided to really make a push for it and see if we could make a career out of this.”

It’s an understatement to say that they succeeded.

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