Concert review: Freiburg Baroque Orchestra at Stockholm Concert Hall

Freiburg Baroque Orchestra
Dagens Nyheter


The Freiburg Baroque Orchestra just concluded a highly successful tour to Sweden with Kristian Bezuidenhout leading and playing Mozart concertos No. 17 and 9. Nicholas RIngskog Ferrada-Noli wrote in Sweden’s leading daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter following the concert in Stockholm Concert Hall on April 27th:

"Haydn, Mozart and Johann Christian Bach flows through the centuries, they are alive again in every second of the concert. It is a miracle.

The critic has nothing against modern standard orchestras playing Vienna Classicism. However, when the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra plays, one realizes how much greater such concert can be. How much clearer light can shine from the 18th century, how much fresher this music can smell?

The highlight were the two piano concertos. Bezuidenhout makes the notes spout from a lively fountain, the orchestra succeeds in catching all musical twists with full power, and everything is swinging and shining."

The program with the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra and Kristian Bezuidenhout can be heard next on May 19th in Lincoln Center, New York, and on May 20th in Shriver Hall, Baltimore.