Sergei Babayan

CD OF THE MONTH: Sergei Babayan and Martha Argerich invite listeners to a 'Prokofiev for Two’

Translated from German

"Sergei Babayan, pianist and nowadays often mentioned also as Daniil Trifonov's teacher, has transcribed a number of works by Prokofiev for two pianos and has now recorded these together with Martha Argerich. From the first bar on, one can hear that there are two artists of excellent rhythmic understanding at work here. Piercing deeply, in perfect sync, they hammer the repetitions into the keyboards. But beyond force and sarcasm, the two experienced pianists have a range of different moods and finesse of touch in their pianistic repertoire: melancholy, humor, irony, grace. The finale from Romeo & Juliet for instance is inspired by great cockiness, goblin-style characters and sharp harmonic frictions presented by both pianists with almost ruthless honesty. On the whole, a recording that at first can almost appear rough, but one that profits from its many atmospheric changes, the quasi orchestral arrangements – and from two artists on the same wavelength."