Four years of the Montrose Trio, but the harmony of a lifetime

Montrose Trio
Il Secolo

Translated from Italian

By Giulia Cassini

Following Dmitri Schostakovich with the Trio in E minor Op.67 . Author of very refined compositions and excellent pianist who since 1934 has been accused of formalism in this trio shows all the buds of novelty combined with popular themes, pain, existential angst and that of the oppressed, with clear references to the era. Definitely superb execution, without smearing, as many professors remark in the public. Last track in the program Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy with the Trio in D minor Op.49.Here the piano plays a very important role: not only to coordinate, but to dialogue in the developments and the shooting of the themes, highlighting the great precision of Jon Kimura Parker, a professor at Rice University in Houston, a crystalline touch and great harmony 'together. Mendelssohn is very popular in the room, well-known composer since the age of 13, unique in being able to bend the respect of the formal laws even the most pervasive impulses of romanticism preferring the brilliant lyricism to poignant melancholies. Very warm applause at the end.

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