Review: Triple Standing Ovation for Vienna Boys Choir at Stephens

Vienna Boys Choir
Iowa State Daily

By Tommy Crook

An instant standing ovation formed after the choirmaster put his hands down and the singing stopped. Cagnin bowed and left the stage but the crowd didn’t stop. Out he came asking the audience if they’d like an encore.

He looked at his watch and motioned that they still had time, the audience roared. One of the boys stepped forward.

“Since you were such a good audience here’s a present,” he said with a smile, “Amazing Grace.”

After the heartfelt performance, the audience gave another standing ovation, and again Cagnin bowed pointed the applause to the choir and walked off.

Out he came again and motioned for a second encore. The crowed cheered harder than the first time.

A beautiful hymn was sung by the choir and the audience gave the boys a third standing ovation. Cagnin walked off this time before coming back out to motion that it was bedtime and the boys filed off the stage for the last time.

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