Gregory W. Brown's 'Missa Charles Darwin' To Be Featured In Multimillion-Selling Author Dan Brown's Forthcoming Novel 'Origin'

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Special Edition Deluxe Package To Be Released September 29 (PARMA Recordings/Navona Records) With Re-Mastered Audio

Around the world, millions of readers eagerly await the impending release of the new thriller ‘Origin’ by Dan Brown, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of ‘The Da Vinci Code.’ According to Brown, the initial spark of inspiration for his highly anticipated novel struck him when he first heard a provocative piece of classical music entitled Missa Charles Darwin — a piece composed by award-winning composer Gregory W. Brown, who also happens to be the author’s brother.

The 2011 composition, Missa Charles Darwin, was written for Grammy-nominated New York Polyphony and is structured on the standard liturgical Mass. Brown painstakingly translated DNA sequences and markers into musical phrases set to texts by Charles Darwin. In doing so, Brown simultaneously commemorates the scientist’s genius while interrogating the relationship between faith and reason.

At the intersection of science and religion, Gregory W. Brown’s Missa Charles Darwin is a perfect fit for the further adventures of Prof. Robert Langdon – world famous scholar and symbologist. The composition is featured at a crucial moment in the ‘Origin’ narrative.

“For some listeners Missa Charles Darwin might seem inherently subversive,” adds Gregory W. Brown, “but that can be part of the conversation. It doesn’t take anything away from religion to also celebrate Charles Darwin.”

Listening to Missa Charles Darwin offers fans of Dan Brown a unique insight into the elemental themes of his writing: religion, connection, and the quest for a greater understanding of life and its many mysteries. The science of evolution becomes a stunning backdrop to religious expression.

Dan Brown notes, “I’ve always been fascinated by the interplay between science and religion; Missa Charles Darwin is an ingenious fusion of the two, and it immediately captivated me. Missa Charles Darwin got me thinking about evolutionary processes, spiritual views, and the origins of our species and our belief systems. These are themes I explore in my new novel.”

Missa Charles Darwin will be released as a special edition deluxe package on September 29th on PARMA Recordings/Navona Records. It will include an all-new remastering of Missa Charles Darwin as well as liner notes, biographies, and excerpts from the Darwin texts featured in the music. A select number of the deluxe packages include a limited edition photograph hand signed by the composer and author.

All of Gregory’s proceeds from this release are being donated to musical education charities including Chorus America, American Choral Directors Association, and the International Society for Music Education.

Pre-order Missa Charles Darwin and listen to a sample here.

About Gregory W. Brown:
Gregory is an award-winning composer, conductor, and electroacoustic musician based out of Western Massachusetts whose work has been performed throughout the United States and Europe. Missa Charles Darwin was notably performed at Berlin’s Natural History Museum underneath the largest dinosaur fossil mounting on Earth.

About PARMA Recordings:
Since 2008, PARMA Recordings has provided a turn-key solution for virtually every aspect of music production, including project planning, logistics, contracting, studio recording, audio post, graphic design, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, licensing, publishing, and intellectual property management. Their music is released on the Navona Records, Big Round Records, Ravello Records, and Ansonica Records labels.