Kate Lindsey

"Here’s an opera-singer-goes-off-piste CD that’s unusually rewarding. Mezzo-soprano Kate Lindsey and jazz pianist Baptiste Trotignan form a fruitful partnership” -The Guardian

“Lindsey’s sole accompanist is jazz pianist Baptiste Trotignon, who has arranged Weill’s songs himself, adding often dazzling improvisations to their basic melodic and rhythmic material.” -Gramophone

"Numbers like the title track, ‘Thousands of Miles’ are transformed by his jazz artistry into musical jewels, and his deft touch graces even the ‘straight’ classical works: his voicing of the chords that launch Zemlinsky’s Und hat der Tag all seine Qual, for example, is exquisite. Even those for whom Weill’s high stylisation is normally a closed (song)book should investigate this disc as a matter of urgency. As an imagination combination not just of repertoire but of artists, too, it’s well-nigh unbeatable, an astonishing tribute to a golden era of song, and an artistic triumph." -Europadisc

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