10 Must-See Latin Acts at SXSW


By Griselda Flores, Judy Cantor-Navas

Planning to catch some shows at this year's SXSW? Here are 10 must-see Latin acts at the annual Austin fest:


SXSW may seem like an unlikely place to listen to Argentine tango, but when you hear Rascasuelos, it will make sense. The Buenos Aires group of musicians and dancers bring tango’s past to the present, calling it "a form of cultural resistance." Rascasuelos represents Buenos Aires neo-tango, a passionate scene of accomplished musicans -- too seldom seen in the United States, who reinforce the fact that tango was punk before there was punk.

The pierced and tattooed players embody the long relationship between rock and tango in Buenos Aires, and the band further stakes its claim to the underground with a name that’s an ironic take on the Spanish word for skyscraper. In describing themselves -- and Argentina -- the members of Rascasuelos refer to the group’s music as “the contemporary accompaniment to a society whose streets remain forever on fire.”

Rascasuelos performs at Russian House March 17.

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