Giancarlo Guerrero's July Performances

Giancarlo Guerrero

"Giancarlo Guerrero performed [Bruckner's] highly lyrical score with highly expressive warmth...Beethoven's first symphony has not been heard so inspired, so original, so energetic and fresh, for a long time...Guerrero conducted [Shostakovich] with ironic distance, inspiring gestures and clever calculations...The vitality of this great orchestral performance sparked enthusiasm among the audience and inspired sheer breathlessness." 


"[In] Copland's Billy the Kid ballet suite...Conductor Giancarlo Guerrero drew a solid performance...Falla's Three-Cornered Hat suite under Guerrero was a clean break from the super-suave Charles Dutoit approach from years past. I've always loved the music, and Guerrero balanced its ebullient, folksy atmosphere with its modern rhythmic sensibility, finding a surprising kinship with the less congenial music of the early 20th century."

Philadelphia Inquirer