Wildwood's 10th (and last) benefit Sunday at Parting Glass

The Daily Gazette

Reena Esmail’s Hindustani-inspired Clarinet Concerto with the estimable clarinetist Shankar Tucker, was a floral summer night with exotic perfumes coupled with a free-flowing fast movement of scales passed around from soloist to orchestra.
Katherine Balch reimagined a slow-moving river journey aboard a barge in “drift” complete with nature sounds, rock scrappings, and shimmering currents captured by ingenious instrumental effects. 
Justin Ralls’ “Tree Ride” (2013) was a beautifully textured, lush evocation of John Muir’s Yosemite that was full of color and light. Christopher Theofanidis’ Violin Concerto with the explosive violinist Chee-Yun, who dressed the part in a fiery red slinky gown, was a turbulent, propulsive work balanced only by a lullaby-like inner movement . This brought the crowd to its feet with wild applause. Read the rest of the review here