Avital Meets Avital Released on Deutsche Grammophon

Avi Avital
Deutsche Grammophon

Searching for the sound of home 

The classical mandolin player Avi Avital meets an equally brilliant partner in the jazz bassist and composer Omer Avital. Avital Meets Avital is the fruit of an intensely creative musical conversation that draws on their divergent paths and shared Jewish Moroccan roots. Their album will be released by Deutsche Grammophon in June 2017.

On the new album Avital Meets Avital the Israeli musician Avi Avital – an exclusive artist of Deutsche Grammophon – reveals his most personal side to date. Together with the jazz bassist Omer Avital, the classically trained star mandolinist sets out to find “home” – and discovers sounds and rhythms he has never incorporated into his music before. The resulting compositions from both Omer Avital and Avi Avital are touching reflections of the lyrical variety and intense emotions the two musicians uncovered in their journey into their shared past, in a creative blend of Moroccan beats, Israeli harmonies, a classical sensibility and jazz improvisation. Their remarkable album will be released by Deutsche Grammophon on 2 June 2017.

Besides their surname, Avi and Omer Avital share similar life stories. Their parents immigrated from Morocco to Israel, at a time when assimilation was the cultural imperative. Yet the culture and traditions of Morocco were still a palpable part of the boys’ childhood. Having grown up within this ambivalence, for a long time the two musicians devoted themselves mainly to the Western repertoire, Avi Avital in classical music, Omer Avital in jazz.

In Avi Avital’s discography to date, Avital Meets Avital marks what he calls “a milestone in my artistic development. It has been a musical journey for me, but so much more than that. As our musical dialogue took shape, I came to see that we were on a quest to infuse with sound our particular concept of home”.