Review: Yo-Yo Ma, The Knights/Eric Jacobsen (translation)

Eric Jacobsen, Yo-Yo Ma, The Knights

5th Easter Festival in Aix-en-Provence - Chamayou and The Knights: simply sublime!
"Was the concert given by pianist Bertrand Chamayou and the American group The Knights among the best moments of this 2017 Easter Festival?  This is what was echoed in many parts of the Conservatoire Darius Milhaud at the end of this magical and extraordinary evening."

"Colin Jacobsen’s “Ascending Bird”, a mixture of great American flights and oriental folklore, was written by the Knights’ artistic co-director and his friend the Iranian Siamak Aghaei, and was received with thunderous applause."

(In reference to Phillip Glass’ “Company”) "Again, the excellent Knights electrified the audience who feasted from the first to last note. Just as they charmed (holding the audience’s attention with the same diversity) in Haydn’s rarely honored Symphony No. 80, which they played simply with constant jubilation."

"Bertrand Chamayou, whose fame seems to be multiplying, offered a landmark thunderous performance, and the Knights, a group that loves to share and make discoveries, has been brought by its conductor Eric Jacobsen to a level of unrivaled expertise and sound perfection. “Unforgettable” was the sentiment heard at the end of the concert. We approve and confirm!"
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"The musicians of the New York ensemble The Knights play on western instruments, but the spirit of the group is influenced by The Silk Road Project run be cellist Yo-Yo Ma, and although we find works of Czech, German, American, and Iranian origin, on the whole there is beautiful unity."