Louisville Orchestra music director provides informal show for refugee families

Teddy Abrams

Teddy Abrams, Music Director of the Louisville Orchestra provided an informal show for refugee families with the Catholic Charities Migration and Refugee Services Monday morning.

"Music being really our most powerful universal language is a way of connecting with folks especially people that may have circumstances that need folks to reach out to them. Music is such an immediate and kind of crucial way of connecting folks that maybe otherwise wouldn't feel like they are fully connected to our community,” Abrams said.

Abrams made the show interactive, leading the group first in their instruments then in a short song.

"In a situation like this you just don’t know what is going to happen especially because we decided not to turn it into a traditional concert, it wasn't something where we just asked them to sit and listen. I had to find a way to engage everybody, people with different backgrounds have different comfort levels with just spontaneously making music. It was amazing to see that everyone got into it, virtually every person was participating regardless of what part of the world they have come from and it’s just such an amazing proof right there that we can all do this together that it breaks down barriers instantaneously," Abrams said.

"All of our faces were hurting because we're smiling so much and the clients just lit up as soon as they started playing music," Heather Molina, Mental Health Coordinator for Catholic Charities, said.
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