Ben Beilman + Rafael Payare: Toulouse (translation)

Benjamin Beilman
Classic Toulouse

The Venezuelan conductor Rafael Payare and the American violinist Benjamin Beilman galvanized an audience consisting of both regulars and newcomers who were moved to levels of applause out of the ordinary...The Sibelius concerto for violin is one of the scores most often played by the Finnish master. Highly virtuosic, the soloist part attracted the greatest violinists of recent history. Benjamin Beilman, the soloist of the evening was born in 1989 in Washington. The young American studied at the Chicago Institute of Music and then at the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia. He won first prize at the Montreal International Music Competition, Philadelphia's Musical Fund Society Career, Young Concert Artists in 2010, and the Avery Fisher Scholarship in 2012.
Beilman’s unusual qualities were evident from the first measures of the Sibelius concerto; the exceptional amplitude of his sonority, the warm richness of his timbre. He knows how to "navigate" in this moving and powerful score with an impressive sense of musical rhetoric. Never overwhelmed by an orchestra yet with playing that was beautiful and rich in colors, he managed beaches of extreme delicacy, alternating with explosions of virtuosity to which he conferred a heroic impulse. One admired in particular the beauty of his acute pianissimos, worthy of those of a great soprano ... In the Allegro moderato, in particular, the lyricism is adorned with desperate impulses. After an Adagio di molto while restraint, the soloist's game unfolds in luminous fulgurances in an incandescent Finale. Until the race to the abyss of the last bars. This dazzling performance aroused the enthusiasm of the audience to which Benjamin Beilman responded with a radiant beauty in the Gavotte in rondeau of Partita N ° 3, by Johann Sebastian Bach. The violinist performed this change of voice with great refinement. Certainly, a name, a talent to remember!