Review: ‘The Trump Card’ at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company

DC Metro Theater Arts

A searing punch in the gut to rival any leaked Access Hollywood tape…the current production, which only runs through October 30th, is an updated version of the same blistering show that Daisey performed at Woolly back in August. But so much has happened in the last two months that it is well worth a visit even if you saw the last production. Smack dab in the middle of the zeitgeist, The Trump Card is hysterical, uncomfortable, sobering, and terrifying. In other words, it is the perfect reflection of the 2016 presidential contest.... But as we trudge through the final scorched weeks of this Dali-esque election, there is no doubt that we could all use a good laugh, a good cry, and some much needed wisdom. 'The Trump Card' provides all three, and so much more.
There are moments when the comedy of Trump and the tragedy of Trump converge. At one point, when Daisey is going on an extended riff about the numerous allegations of sexual assault leveled against the nominee, I heard a woman sitting behind me say to her friend, “Why are you laughing?!” Why, indeed? Rape is certainly nothing to laugh about, even less so when the accused is the presidential nominee of a major political party. But when Trump says, on national television and after a dozen women have come forward, that nobody respects women more than him? It’s ridiculous! It’s hilarious! And it’s scary as hell. That woman I heard was right to be a little indignant, and her friend was also right to laugh. That’s the paradox of the 2016 election, and it’s the paradox that Mike Daisey captures so well in The Trump Card. 
***** 5 stars
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