Cellist Andreas Brantelid has Victoria Hall shine resplendent in dazzling light of Elgar's Concerto

Andreas Brantelid

(...) Andreas Brantelid, the young Swedish-Danish prodigy, tall and slim and with golden curly hair, has all the wunderkind qualities. His path has been perfect: Winner of the 2006 Eurovision Competition, of the International Paulo Competition in Finland and of the Carl Nielsen Award in Copenhagen, he has played with the most famous orchestras. And despite this glorious career, he leaves the audience in delightful admiration through his natural charisma. He clearly lives the music with every fibre of his being, taking inspiration at times from his accompanists, following an attentive conductor, or proving himself a wonderful companion in music. He triggers thousand and one nuances off the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande. Andreas Brantelid's sound finds a perfect balance between dark and heavy depth and a particularly rich medium. Like a beautiful black cloud, he offers young romantic beauty to the Elgar's lyricism. 

This work permits to hear the full range of expressions the young artist is capable of: Sometimes playful, sometimes romantic, he masters all its difficulties with remarkable ease. Andreas Brantelid always chooses musicality rather than bluff. One stands in admiration before this impression of fragile sensitivity, despite all the virtuosity, managing to cause manifold musical emotions. The Adagio gives the soloist the opportunity to present the most touching romanticism, without ever exaggerating. The audience could not help noticing the particularly tender gazes at the artist especially by the orchestra's cellists, full of admiration for this young talent. 
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