Beilman and Tyson's Musica Viva concert an impressive and diverse program

The Sydney Morning Herald

Benjamin Beilman, violinist, and Andrew Tyson, pianist, are two young men at the beginning of their musical journey through life and on the international concert circuit. Individually they are technically brilliant and together they are exploring the potential of their relatively recent concert partnership. The program revealed a willingness to interrogate diverse repertoire.

Mozart's Sonata No 35 in A major, K526 was a good choice of opener, with Beilman and Tyson flinging the phrases to the audience in a display of youthful effervescence. The stepping figure in the second movement was executed as a nicely balanced conversation between instrumentalists. Tightly controlled runs, accurate and delightfully springy, bound the violin and piano together in the final presto movement, embodying the Mozartian quest for a "perfect balance of the passionate and the rational".

In the opening con moto, we heard the soul with which Beilman can infuse his playing – a throbbing melody above the undercutting, uneasy rhythm of the piano. Liquid phrasing in the contrasting ballade intensified into almost languid sonority in the allegretto. These carefully distinguished movements made the surprisingly aggressive outbursts in the final adagio all the more dramatic.

Beilman's accurate, confident intonation up the neck was phenomenal, and the two concluded with an elegant, flying finish guaranteed to bring the audience to its feet. 

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