Fascinating Voyage with Jeremy Denk

Jeremy Denk
La Dépêche

Jeremy Denk wowed the audience. – What if the history of Western music ended in silence? With this question mark American pianist Jeremy Denk concluded his captivating, grand voyage through seven centuries of musical creativity. Despite the jubilation and numerous curtain calls, he would not add a single note to this recital that ended where it had begun, with a simple, beautiful melody by Gilles Binchois. Both subtle and powerful, Jeremy Denk plays the older composers and the creators of20th century music with the same natural ease. Admirable his amazing interpretation of Bach's Chromatic Fantaisie & Fugue, his art in making the classical and romantic composers sing, his underlining of explosions of sound and of new tones with modern music. Very beautiful piano playing, carried by a strong idea: the history of music as a history of both progress and loss. What else may be possible?  

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