A Day in the Life: Christopher Rountree

Christopher Rountree

Christopher Rountree is a composer as well as the founder, conductor and creative director of Los Angeles-based chamber orchestra wild Up. He's also a self-proclaimed “yogi, unpaid psychoanalyst, cutter of vegetables, storyteller, newfound gym-rat and burrito enthusiast.” Between running, coffee drinking, creative storytelling through Dungeons & Dragons, composing, conference calls and spending time with those closest to him, Chris shares with us the importance of making playtime central to creative work time. 
July 5, 2016 - 8:36 am: 
Chris Rountree here! Still reeling in disbelief that Q2 gave me the reigns to this IG feed. All abs from here on out. Ok maybe only 80% abs. Let's start with this one: wildUp and friends watch fireworks while perched on a geodesic dome (Chris Kallmeyer's dome) in Highland Park. INDEPENDENCE!! 
10:01 am:
Put in 4.5 miles around Silver Lake this morning. Basically that's a giant cement bowl, next to a dog park, that has no water in it. #this-dog-park-smells-like-cheese. On the earbuds: More Perfect and Debbie Millman. Oh and my hat is from Go Get Em Tiger. 
10:23 am:
As you're no doubt aware, most west coast meals don't include food. BEGIN LA BEVERAGE TOUR -- Stop #1 Moon Juice Shop (if you don't know what Moon Juice is, stop right now and read this). Breakfast: Raw & Activated Cinnamon Roll, Blue Moon Protein // I credit Chromatic Creative co-Director Peabody Southwell for my love of Moon Juice.  
4:04 pm:
List making: "run, juice, coffee, D&D, Stravinsky, compose, coffee x2, happy hour!?, compose more, go to Cookbook, Elf with mom?, drinks with Ted?" 
8:27 pm:
My mom and I ate dinner at Elf Cafe -- the best thing ever. She's the most creative person I've met -- one of the philosophical leaders of wildUp, for sure. Also, can I get a what what for Saffron Pudding!? Am I right?