Offscript: Eric Bogosian and Mike Daisey’s Wild Ride


Every other week, the editors of American Theatre curate a free-ranging discussion about the lively arts in our Offscript podcast.

This week, editors Rob Weinert-Kendt, Suzy Evans, and Diep Tran preview our February issue on theatre and television. We also discuss leadership transitions in Chicago*—including Heidi Stillman’s election to leadership at Lookingglass Theatre—and the recent kerfuffle between the Wooster Group and the Pinter estate. Dramatic times!

In a new segment, we placed two artists in a room together and turned on the microphones. This week it was monologists Eric Bogosian and Mike Daisey. Eric stopped by to discuss his 100 Monologues project, which has actors such as Jessica Hecht, Billy Crudup, and Mike himself to record monologues Eric wrote years ago and used to perform himself. Eric and Mike disagree (slightly) about why most solo shows are terrible, but they share common ground on their love for the theatrical moment, and compare notes on where they find their inspiration. Stream or download the podcast from iTunes here.