Spectrum. Janácek: Violin Sonata. Kreisler: Viennese Rhapsodic Fantasietta. Schubert: Violin Sonata in A major D574 ‘Grand Duo’. Stravinsky: Divertimento

Benjamin Beilman
The Strad

Working alongside his regular accompanist Yekwon Sunwoo, Benjamin Beilman immediately draws us into the elusive sound world of Schubert’s D574 Sonata via his acute sensitivity to phrasing and dynamics. Whereas the general tendency in the opening movement is to adopt a steady-as-she-goes, smiling cantabile, Beilman imbues every idea with a scorching expressive imperativeness. Some may find the results a shade interventionist in principle – even when Schubert is at his most smiling, Beilman continues to probe beneath the music’s apparently easy-going surfaces – yet in practice his refusal to take the interpretative way out and fall back on conventional rhetoric proves revelatory. Those seeking cosy Viennese Gemütlichkeit had best stand clear as Beilman takes us on a compelling emotional journey that leaves no emotional stone unturned, enhanced by tactile engineering of radiant allure.