Review: Stefan Jackiw in Luxembourg (translated excerpt)

Stefan Jackiw

This Mozartian charm then also benefited the American soloist Stefan Jackiw, totally unknown in Europe.

I must admit that I have heard the Mendelssohn concert on stage rarely played as beautifully and fluently, so poetic and filled with dialogue as this evening.

It was primarily the ability of the soloist and his art, to be in permanent dialogue and eye contact with the orchestral musicians; completely at home with his extremely vibrant interpretation. Jackiw remained very simple in his interpretation.

Where other soloists try to artificially exaggerate with dramatic artifices, this violinist easily let the musical line rule and let the music happen.

And most importantly, Stefan Jackiw reached the heart of the listener with every note. What technical brilliance, what lightness, what talent! This was much more than a just positive surprise.

A Largo from Bach as an encore once again confirmed the great and highly talented musician.  

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