Lawrence Foster conducts new production of 'Cosí fan tutte' to great critical acclaim in Marseille

Lawrence Foster

“A 'GRAND CRU' MOZART – Mozart's "Così fan tutte" back on the stage of the Marseille Opera with impeccable and inspired conducting. – "Così fan tutte" may not be the most popular of the famous trilogy that the composer produced thanks to the collaboration of his librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte (the other two being Le Nozze di Figaro and Don Giovanni). But it is probably the most touching, the most vivid, the most youthful of the three. For ten years Marseille had not seen in the programme this masterpiece which has played such a beautiful role at the Aix-en-Provence festival since Gabriel Dussurget had had the wonderful idea to reawaken it for the festival's first edition in 1948. Pay honor to whom honor is due: For this opera full of lightness and airiness and rhythm, conductor Lawrence Foster delivers a lesson in freshness and youthfulness. For close to three hours he holds this little musical world together under perfect rhythmic control, with great detail for each section of the orchestra, with much grace and elegance. A celebratory and intense Mozart, airy and profound at the same time. The cast may (...) be worthy of praise, but the pit is where the decisive attention originates with which the listener follows. One is not bored for a second."
La Marseillaise

"FLIGHTY YOUNG WOMEN AND CUCKOLDED LOVERS IN GREAT VOCAL SHAPE AT OPERA DE MARSEILLE – (...) Tuesday night the Opéra de Marseille showed "Così fan tutte" in a twenty-five years old production that has not weathered ... We have greatly enjoyed the vivid yet totally controlled conducting by Lawrence Foster, who uses the quality of this Orchestra of the Marseille Opera, that he now knows so well, to give Mozart's music all its brio and beauty. Definitely one of the major productions of this opera season in Marseille."

"Lawrence Foster conducts the Orchestre de l'Opéra de Marseille showing a game that is on a par with the one shown on stage, with great richness of nuances, moderation and exaltation."
Toute la Culture TLC

"One is delighted to state how much the interpretation of the work by Lawrence Foster and the orchestra of Opéra de Marseille was convincing. The conducting goes directly to the heart of the matter, without languishing nor taking detours. This is Mozart purified, lively but never rough, even where doubts and despair shake the score. Not for one second does the conductor forget that he is conducting a comedy here and that the emotion shown by the characters must not overwhelm the viewer. Unsettle him, possibly—so heart-breaking is the suffering that Mozart can produce—but the score also creates a sense of distance with the confessions on stage, putting them into the broader context. (...) Again, one is delighted to say how finely nuanced and delectable the performance of this music actually is."
Forum Opera