Boys choir takes crowd on journey across globe

Vienna Boys Choir
Arkansas Online

The Vienna Boys Choir's March performance at Wildwood Park for the Arts in Little Rock was called off due to snow. Sunday, the day of the rescheduled concert, brought inclement weather again, but only in the form of rain, which did nothing to dampen the plans of the numerous audience members who turned out to hear the renowned choir.
The 25-member choir, conducted by Bomi Kim, took the audience "Around the World in 80 Minutes," with songs indeed culled from throughout the globe. Kim provided piano accompaniment; for some numbers, choir members -- and Kim -- played guitar, violin, African djembe drum and tambourine.
The program offered one to six songs from each country on the program. Each segment was introduced by a choir member that, with a flourish and a bit of drama, greeted the audience in that country's language (in the case of the Viennese numbers, the greeting came from all the boys). The boys showed their sense of humor, with touches that took the stiffness and formality out of the performance.
The Vienna choirboys demonstrated not only their vocal prowess, but the versatility that has made them legend. They needed it to deliver "Danny Boy," then pull off the Beatles' "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da," then segue smoothly into Johann Strauss Jr.'s "An der schonen blauen Donau (Blue Danube)." And they threw in a few numbers from Mary Poppins while they were at it.
The concert was extended by way of two encore numbers, the last of which was a rousing rendition of the 1985 USA For Africa hit "We Are the World."