Storm Large Review: Adelaide Cabaret Festival

Storm Large

Storm Large lives up to her improbable name: she is a force of nature.

A singer, a songwriter, an arranger, Storm knows how to put together a cabaret show. And despite the fact that “there are no rules”, it is such a thrill to see a genre-defining piece of cabaret.

Storm looked at the subject of love (giving her access to 94.7% of all songs ever written!) and took us on a journey through some of her thoughts and feelings on the matter. Each song was presented with a story, painting a picture and getting us expectant before the first note.

This girl can sing. She can belt. She can croon. She can gently hum. And although her show was pure cabaret, she throws out the rule-book when it comes to arrangements. 

Playing with Storm was Le Bonheur, the band she has put together. James Beaton is her musical director and pianist, underplaying while she tells her stories, as well as pushing out some great keys during the numbers. Praise, also, to Matthew Brown on bass, Greg Ekund on drums and Scott Weddle on guitar.

Storm is difficult not to love. Funny, sexy, talented and intelligent, she has enormous stage-presence, tempered by humility. I swear there were a couple of moments last night when every woman in the room became just a little bit lesbian…!!

This is a high-light of the cabaret festival. It defines cabaret. Storm sets the rules that other performers can come along and break. 

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