Calgary Philharmonic deliver power and passion

Johannes Moser
Calgary Herald

The program opened with a splendid performance of Dvorak’s ever-popular Cello Concerto, one of his most appealing works. On hand to perform the solo part was German-Canadian cellist Johannes Moser, who was the star of the evening. Embracing the solo part in a big-boned fashion, Moser was dramatic and lyrical by turn, tossing off the virtuoso elements with freedom and drama, and always alive to the poetry of the concerto as well.

The opening movement was taken more quickly that I have often heard it, but to no loss of majestic or its epic qualities — the marketing tag for the concert. The passion and drama of this movement were forcefully projected, the cello tone rich and deep, and with the lyrical themes exquisitely shaped.  

The dreamy slow movement was equally fine, and demonstrated the maturity of Moser as an interpretive musician: the nuances of his tone beautifully expressed the inner emotions of the music. The bumptious finale, with its ebullient main theme, brought the concerto to an impressive conclusion, and also brought the audience to it feet.  A sarabande movement from the cellos suites of Bach made the perfect encore, as inward in its expression as the concerto was extroverted. 

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