Critical Acclaim Conducting debut with the Badische Staatskapelle

Mei-Ann Chen

“Previously unknown in Germany, [Mei-Ann Chen] ­offered a spectacular debut conducting the highly motivated ­Badische Staatskapelle. Right at the beginning of the ­evening one heard colorful orchestral playing. Mei-Ann Chen drives the sound to the limit, as well as eliciting the orchestra’s ­narrative ­qualities. Pictures at an Exhibition—a ­masterpiece—was ­depicted ­effectively and with great ­plasticity by the Statskapelle under its guest conductor.”
Badische Neueste Nachrichten, 5. November 2014

“The aforementioned pictorial sound with the narrative ­finesse of the orchestra and the conductor was on full ­display during Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition. ­Mei-Ann Chen ­conducts large, slim fit, expressive and sober and straight at the same time; she moved every phrase, every ­dynamic change, it seems, right down to her toes. The orchestra ­followed her exactly. One could hear a slow, eerie gnome, a slightly thrown-image of the Tuileries - and an incredibly long and delicate sounding saxophone solo in the wistful ballad about the “Old Castle.” The gratitude of the ­orchestra ­towards the conductor almost never ended - a great ­concert.” 
Pamina online, 3. November 2014