More From the Press on the Brooklyn Rider Almanac

Brooklyn Rider

Critics love Brooklyn Rider's new disc The Brooklyn Rider Almanac! Check out some highlights:

"For the past few years, Brooklyn Rider have pushed the envelope pretty much as far as a string quartet can go, and in the process have raised the bar for other groups: they transcend any preconception about what serious composed music is all about."
Lucid Culture

"Crackling with creative electricity, this gorgeous recording is a satisfying, thought-provoking musical triumph."
— iTunes

"It rethinks classical music AND the string quartet with a timeless quality, putting a stamp on the fact that music doesn’t need labels or categories or genres. Put these four (or five, in “Exit”) musicians together who can not only play music well, but express emotion and breathe life into the notes on a page, and the magic is there."
King FM, Second Inversion

"Brooklyn Rider’s performances throughout are committed and persuasive, allowing a series of relatively short pieces for (mostly) the same four instruments to reveal many layers of possibility … Almanac presents a broad palette — and Brooklyn Rider proves adept at using it to paint in sound."
John Schaefer, Wondering Sound 

"…a lively album of modern music, moody and evocative. "
Christian Science Monitor

"While The Brooklyn Rider Almanac is a testament to the nature of homage and influence, it also does its best to and succeeds in transcending those very things. Each contributor on the almanac brings their A game and Brooklyn Rider theirs, the union pushing each to creative heights thought previously unreachable. …it becomes quite apparent what separates and ultimately unites Brooklyn Rider with the multitude of chamber groups embracing and marrying classical and contemporary influences — a thrilling enthusiasm, a creative fearlessness that keeps Brooklyn Rider not only true to their artistic statement but excitedly scaling to new creative peaks. The Brooklyn Rider Almanac is a snapshot of this wonderful moment in nothing else and no doubt a placeholder for Brooklyn Rider’s next unpredictable endeavor in possibly the best way."
All Around Sound

"I loved my freewheeling stroll through The Brooklyn Rider Almanac…it really felt like anything could happen. And it was all filtered through the quartet’s signature approach to production, which is both big and crisp, with enough reverb to make passages more momentous but enough energy to make the whole exercise feel immediate and personal."
You Hear That?

"The very concept of The Brooklyn Rider Almanac is in itself an inspired idea, and so too is the quartet’s playing, which is as always at a consistently high level."