A Bridled Ride with Brooklyn Rider

Brooklyn Rider

By Sofia Nyblom

...The programme opened with the only existing movement of Franz Schubert's String Quartet in C minor D.703 – restless, moody and contemporary in its intensity. The anxiety-laden semiquavers chased over the strings, eyes met and temperaments connected in a piece which was a perfect concert opener, thanks to its popularity and brevity. The group plays standing up – like the similarly minded Brodsky Quartet – and presented the pieces in a friendly, non-condescending manner, lunging into the String Quartet no. 2, “Company” of fellow New Yorker Philip Glass.

And, lo and behold, the Glass quartet presents a mood of similar intensity, as though Vienna of the early 19th century and New York of the 2Oth century – and their inhabitants - have the same pulse, the same anxieties and desire to overbridge loneliness with company and intimacy. Granted, there is more of a laissez-faire attitude in the Glass quartet, as though the polish of modern living adds a layer of elusiveness to emotional expression when compared to the tortured nature of the Schubert… Read the full review