Vienna Boys Choir

The critics are impressed with the Vienna Boys Choir's wonderful singing in their new film Bridging The Gap directed by Curt Faudon.

"The international segments are colorful enough. But the filmmaker ups the stylistic ante with music video-style interludes in which the boys are seen singing amid a variety of surreal backdrops, such as clouds moving in speeded-up fashion. One particularly arresting scene has several of them singing Schubert’s “The Trout” in a boat amid images of flooding and other environmental catastrophes. It’s certainly an intriguing angle to take with this classical music troupe that hardly brings to mind the avant-garde. And the gorgeousness of the singing can hardly be denied."
The Hollywood Reporter

"Blithely hokey, amusingly eager to distract and rather entertaining, the film resembles a children’s travel show with music-video elements more than it resembles a straight-up documentary. …the visual pretensions are rooted in an unashamed passion about the music, and when the narrator is explaining Schubert’s “Trout” Quintet, there’s the sense of being in a choir with an enthusiastic, if kooky, music teacher."
The New York Times

"The singing is magnificent, the photography (by Stephan Mussil) absolute perfection…Bridging the Gap is gorgeous and weird."
Village Voice