Wiener Philharmoniker in Köln

Daniil Trifonov

By Bernhard Hartmann

Die Wiener Philharmoniker und Valery Gergiev präsentierten in Köln ein pianistisches Ausnahmetalent.

Valery Gergiev has to be convinced of the qualities of pianist Daniil Trifonov 20-year old already very much. Last October, he presented him already in New York with a guest performance of Marijnsky orchestra as soloist in Tchaikovsky's First Piano Concerto, now he obliged him again, this time for the current tour of the Vienna Philharmonic, which was now in the Cologne Philharmonic began. Before the young Russian sat down at the piano, again to play Tchaikovsky's B flat minor Concerto, conducted the Vienna complete their program with Russian Sergei Prokofiev's "Symphonie Classique" one. Gergiev conducted the work with a certain serenity. The pace is not too fast, but every note was the very transparent sounding score highest attention given by the musicians.

Then entered the stage Trifonov, sat down at the piano and equally enthusiastic with the famous chords that accompany Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto, the opening theme initialized by the horns. Trifonov, 2011 which won the prestigious Tchaikovsky prize in Moscow knows, no insecurity, no fear. His game seems almost frightening ease.

He effortlessly fires off completely the dreaded double octaves of the concert. He mastered the technical hurdles, not just binds the wealth of sounds always in the musical phrase, even if it the pace extremely attracting, whether in the initial chords, the rapid runs in the middle section of the Andante and the exhausting finale . This game proves to be highly sensitive to the score. Gergiev with him was of course a conductor to the side, who knew very well to respond to the young pianist.

Russian works that tied

Trifonov, even if it could put his flawless technique sometimes suggests anything but a piano-robot. It was felt, not least in the applause from the audience by violent storms that called the added pieces, Chopin's "Grande Valse Brillante" by Sergey Rachmaninoff and Bach gavotte.