Assad Brothers Rave Reviews

Sérgio and Odair Assad
The Independent, Classic fm, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Seattle Post- Intelligencer & Washington Post




Jardim Abandonado Released September 2007


"Over 40 years the Assad brothers have acquired a formidable reputation as guitarists who have an extraordinary wide repertoire of material that transcends all categories.  What links them is deft playing and a stunning interplay."    Album of the week - The Independent, UK - September 2007


"For jaw-dropping audacity, listen to the penultimate track and marvel at the Assads' ingenious arrangement of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue - a show-stopper if ever there was one!"   - Classic fm, November 2007


"The Assads' virtuosity left the many guitarists in the crowd, including me, awe-struck. Their speed, their gorgeous tone, their ease reaching over the body of the guitar to its extreme high range, their uncanny musical memories (not a page of music appeared on the stage), and their ability to play thousands of notes without a single clinker, click or buzz are the stuff of guitar gods. That godlike technique allowed them to play freely, expansively and sensitively...  All of these selections, especially those arranged by Sérgio Assad, put daunting technical challenges before the guitarists. All those challenges melted away before the Assads' consummate skill, in an inspiring concert that celebrated the swooping energy of musical phrases and the irresistible beauty of the sound of two guitars."  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - October 2007

"There is very little fuss to the stage presence of guitarists Sergio and Odair Assad, who opened the Seattle Symphony guitar series' new season Tuesday night at Benaroya Hall. They enter the stage, sit down and play in a straightforward manner. They tune discreetly and quickly, get up to acknowledge applause and return to the wings only at intermission and the end of the concert.  The two brothers don't have to make any other gestures because their music gleams with such innate virtuousity...  They have such keen empathy for each other, they play as if they were two parts of the same body. They weave solo voices back and forth easily and combine their individual parts seamlessly."  Seattle Post-Intelligencer, October 2007

"But a set of seven miniatures for two guitars, "Contos de Cordel" by Egberto Gismonti (premiered in New York on Saturday), stole the show. Well played, the guitar can be an exquisitely delicate instrument, and these pieces called on every ounce of delicacy the duo could muster.  The Assad brothers handled these with virtuosity to spare and with a light touch that made it all sound easy...  As performers, these two play like the close brothers they are. They pick up instantly on the other's cues, respond as if intuitively and seem to be wired in to the same operating system. What's projected is a sort of "uber-guitar," two instruments and one brain."   Washington Post, October 2007