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Yefim Bronfman
Reviews from Tour with San Francisco Symphony and Michael Tilson Thomas

Koelnische Rundschau (Cologne Concert, 06.09.07) 8 September, 2007

A Tour of Hell in a Sports Car ........With Sergei Prokoviev's third piano concerto the gigantic ensemble then devoted itself to an even weightier and yet more difficult task. What mattered here was not to overshadow the soloist in his tightrope walk, and this was not always successful. Yefim Bronfman accomplished the most difficult work at the piano without apparent effort, a brilliant technician and imaginative exponent. He mastered glissandi and bold leaps with uncanny assurance; his two encores, Chopin's "Revolutionary Etude" and Schumann's Romance from "Faschingsschwank" left no doubt of the versatile expressiveness of this major pianist.

Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger (Cologne Concert, 06.09.07) 8 September, 2007

This Time Without Russian Soul ........In Prokoviev's third piano concerto, Yefim Bronfman fulfilled in all respects every expectation of his breathtaking virtuosity....

Neue Rheinzeitung (Dusseldorf Concert, 07.09.07) 10 September, 2007

With Brilliance and Glory .......It was just a shame that the programme of Ives, Prokoviev and Shostakovich didn't ensure a full house: only two-thirds of the seats were occupied. A shame also because Yefim Bronfman, one of the greatest virtuoso pianists of our time, played Prokoviev's catchy third piano concerto with brilliance and glory. ..... The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra evoked in the short third symphony of Charles Ives the soul of America, with pure intonation from strings and brass. But the high point was Bronfman's performance. The tranquillity with which the mighty keyboard magician sat down at the Steinway was deceptive. For as soon as Bronfman embarks on the sparkling firework display, he ignites almost youthful temperament, leaps up at the hammering chord cascades, bewitches by a lightning switch between rock-hard touch and gently bubbling trills. In the foaming coda, he was in his element and drew from the audience thundering bravos.

Westdeutsche Zeitung (Dusseldorf Concert, 07.09.07) 10. September, 2007

.......It had been possible to engage Yefim Bronfman for Prokoviev's technically extremely demanding piano concerto. As the amicable gentleman in tails seated himself at the piano, one had no idea that he would develop into such a Hercules at the keyboard. With utterly boundless strength, he was able to prevail over the large orchestra. His flawless technique and supreme accuracy made a dramatic pleasure of the virtuoso passages. Bronfman also has at his disposal, YEFIM BRONFMAN Page 2

however, great sensitivity, which enhanced the delicate moments, too. The amalgamation of power, brilliance and sensuous tone reminds one somewhat of the legendary Walter Gieseking, who in his era specialized in Ravel and Debussy and with his huge lion's paws celebrated the subtlest pianissimo. With a sensitive performance of the Scarlatti sonata as an encore, Bronfman once again proved his feeling for fine filigree.