March 18-29, 2020

Archetypes will explore the universal ­symbolic ­archetypes that appear in stories, legends, and myths throughout the world—great floods, ­creation, paradise, apocalypses—as well as ­characters that appear in stories across cultures. The project will consist of all new music written by Sérgio and Clarice Assad. Expressing themselves through guitar, voice, and percussion quartet, the ensemble will explore global musical traditions taking the audience on a vast musical journey grounded in familiar stories.

Archetypes are ancient, universal patterns of ­human behavior that manifest through us each day. In storytelling, an archetype can be a character, a setting, a theme, or it can even be a particular outcome. This may explain how some stories can sound almost identical, even if they originate from vastly different cultures across the globe and ­feature characters and settings that are in ­complete contrast with one another. ... read full bio